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Both sides of each subject are presented, with overviews, points and counterpoints.CPOV is great for opinion papers and essays for high school and beyond.Over the years, the scheduled date for starting the work has been pushed ever further into the future. As the Statutory Harbour Authority for Whitby Harbour, SBC does have a duty to maintain harbour structures and facilitate safe use of the harbour.The most recent postponement now contemplates starting the work in 2019/20 – some 17 years after SBC were first warned that the Piers could have a life expectancy of less than 10 years: April 2011 (Royal Haskoning Report 2009 and draft SBC Project Appraisal Report (PAR) 2009) April 2015 (SBC PAR: Final Grant Submission to Environment Agency. It also has a duty of care against loss caused by the authority’s negligence.By the mid-1850s, 35 “lowland” mines had opened between Great Ayton in the west, Eston, and Hinderwell on the coast.Then came that discovery of 67 per cent pure iron up on the Moors at Rosedale.

Since that date, the consequences of a breach or collapse of the Piers have worried the townsfolk of Whitby. Plant told the Yorkshire Post in 2014 “.” Despite SBC being at all times fully aware of the severe risks involved, no significant repairs have been carried out to the Piers over the past 15 years – with the exception of the emergency repairs to the landward end of the East Pier Extension which was on the verge of imminent collapse. Approved March 2017) The £4.8 million grant from the Environment Agency was awarded for repair works to start in April 2015 and be finished by May 2017. 2012, stated that it was not possible to delay the works on the Main Piers beyond this timescale.

ON August 26, 1854, the Gateshead Observer reported an important find up on the North York Moors. “An extensive field of ironstone has recently been discovered at Rosedale, near Pickering.

A sample of the stone, sent to Newcastle, has been analysed there this week, and found to contain no less than 67 per cent of pure iron.” Pure iron – the building material of Empire. People had known for centuries that there was iron up in them thar’ hills.

“To Miners,” ran an announcement in the Whitby Gazette of December 24, 1859.

“Proposals will be received for the sinking of two shafts at Beckhole – particulars of the letting etc to be had from Mr Barnes, the Whitby Iron Company’s offices, Goathland.” Four years later, the same newspaper had a far bigger announcement to make.