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It is not rare to see a younger guy and an older woman date and have a very intense sexual and romantic relationship, which defies the traditional “older man, younger woman” set-up that we are used to seeing. First, the fact that such a dating situation is still somewhat taboo makes is all the more enticing and exciting.

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This might mean that you will have to be patient and willing to be very selective in your dating choices.In the short run it can be frustrating, but in the long run it will save you time and energy wasted with the wrong person.Briefly, I’ll define both so there’s no confusion, and you can use the information to make sure you’re on the right romantic path.Healthy Picky: You’re careful about who you get involved with, taking things slowly in the beginning, not moving into the bedroom too quickly, and remaining on guard for a couple months or so until you have a sense of who this new person really is.Well this exact scenario painfully happened to me (I was in a serious relationship with a wonderful guy until I ended it due to a difference in religious beliefs), and I can tell you the answer really is quite simple: All of those little things that didn’t matter at first because they were so ‘abstract’ and you were both sort of distracted with an exciting, new blossoming love suddenly become real day-to-day issues after a few months.

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A decision to stop dating someone is hard to make, but it should be made as early as possible.

It’s not them, it’s not you – the spark just isn’t there. Kate Taylor advises you on how to achieve a no-more-tears break-up First of all, take a long, quiet moment to think through the reasons you want to end the relationship.

You’re going to have to be very sure before you do it, because not only will your partner possibly try to change your mind, but you’ll also have time on your hands afterwards to wonder whether or not you did the right thing.

You spend more time being single than in relationships, and you have a habit of finding a range of faults in prospective dates.

You sometimes focus on little things which end up causing the demise of the relationship, and you tell yourself you have a hard time meeting the right one for you because you’re just so…picky.