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Love dating and marriage rpg games

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If it feels like you're playing an RPG, trying to keep track of everyone's feelings about you and giving out presents, that's a Dating Sim.

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For the time being im playing it and loving it (except for some minor bugs and that you sometimes can get stuck because of some glitches XD) So if anyone else is looking for a good rpg and happens to stumble on this post then i would recommend this game.

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Here you'll find information about traditional visual novel style Gx B otome games, shoujo RPGs & RPGs with romance elements, as well as Gx G games made for a female audience.

I'll say bioware games are unique in that regard because the romance is interwoven into the stories so it has ALOT more depth than the brief flares of romance in other videogames.

Skyrim has a small (very small) romantic part to it, but it has very little to do with the overall game.