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She returned to judge series 11 and 12 of the UK version.

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Interestingly, both Winmau and Nodor were originally founded in the East End of London and until recently, were arch rivals.Let’s wind back the clock to 1919 when an industrial chemist, Ted Leggatt, invented and then went into business manufacturing ‘NODOR’ modelling clay.New neon lamp with one made of a special new glass that emits a warm white which is twice as bright as the early model The 240 VAC neon transformer is now replaced with a low-voltage 12 VDC one which fits better in the lamp housing and makes it possible to use a switching 100 - 240 VDC wall plug adapter with changeable blades for worldwide distribution.This transformer and power supply change achieved another doubling of the brightness of the lamp adding up to four times the dartboard illumination of the earlier model The Foam ring which serves to fill the void between the Dartboard and the lamp housing is now die cut quarter circles which I glue securely together with a protruding handle glued to one of the joints for ease of removal.It was called Nodor because, unlike its main competitor, it had no odour.Since the end of the Great War, the popularity of darts had increased significantly causing Leggatt to experiment with Nodor plasticine as a material for possible use in the construction of dartboards.The custom graphics displayed backlit on the radial face of The Circumluminator are now printed on heavyweight, glossy photo paper of much higher quality than the lightweight matte finish paper I used initially.

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It was not generally popular with the dart playing public because it lacked the ‘plonk’ sound as the dart struck the dartboard.

How These Two Companies Merged by Frank Bilotta with Patrick Chaplin, the Darts Historian The British history of dartboard manufacturing is a fascinating story that started in earnest in the early part of the twentieth century and is still taking interesting twists and turns.

This story is about two companies that have been at the forefront of the darts industry for many decades and jointly have had a major positive influence over the sport.

Design in the United States the Circumluminator does exactly what any dart player would like a dart board light to do, eliminate shadow.

I first reviewed The Circumluminator in 2005, one of the first 25 to roll off the production line. The light did exactly what it said it would do i.e. However I was critical about the overall quality and hence to say i gave my feedback to Scott Harrison the inventor of the Circumluminator he has since taken on board my my views and revise the product considerably.