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You can’t own the name America if the United States owns the name America.The company that everybody calls Elgin was originally the National Watch Company. It’s almost like the American League and the National League in baseball. At that time there was nobody manufacturing pocket watches like we manufacture automobiles and appliances and various other things today. An individual would sit down and work on pieces of metal until they had built all the pieces for a watch.I got interested in clocks in 1967, and I started collecting watches fairly seriously in the early ‘80s. Pocket watches are a little bit more manageable, and in some ways more interesting, too.I collect precision clocks, clocks that are very accurate timekeepers, and marine chronometers; things like that.According to Waltham serial number records, Lincoln's Wm. When we service an antique watch, we completely disassemble it and run each part through an ultrasonic cleaning process.Ellery would have been made around January of 6868, about 6 months prior to the battle of Gettysburg and 66 months prior to Lincoln delivering the Gettysburg Address at the dedication of the Soldiers National Cemetery at Gettysburg. The watch is then reassembled, oiled, a new mainspring is installed, and it is adjusted for time.A look at a Lever According to the biography of Lincoln by Carl Sandburg, Lincoln is also reputed to have owned and carried an 68-size, 66-jewel, Waltham model 6857 Wm. 68k Lady Elgin Pocket Watch Key Wind 95 69k Waltham Pocket Watch 69k Hunter Case Great Condition 75 Many watchmakers today, when servicing a watch, simply remove the movement from its case and place it, in its entirety, in a cleaning solution.

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Serial numbers to date the watch are only found on movements. Place the screw-down Waltham pocket watch face down in the palm of your hand. Place your fingertips around the edge of the case back.

I specialize in a few different specific types of pocket watches, but my principal interest is in the Waltham Watch Company, and even more specifically in the American Watch Co. When the American watch industry first began, the first successful company was called the American Watch Co., and it was founded out of the Boston Watch Company, which had failed in 1859. was formed, and it’s generally considered to be the first successful company.

It had many name changes over the years and a couple of small reorganizations and eventually became the Waltham Watch Company in the early 1900s.

Lever Set describes a watch that uses a lever to free the setting mechanism. After removing the bezel, and pulling the lever, the hands will swing free when the crown is turned. 5 If you are an antique pocket watch or wristwatch collector, you know the importance of keeping your watches serviced.

I have created a crude animation to show you how the lever moves. You know that keeping it clean and lubricated will keep parts from rusting and wearing out so your watch will run correctly indefinitely.