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Consolidating call centers

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In these long-term projects, Power House senior consultants serve as valuable partners by advising decision-makers, serving on the core leadership team, and providing oversight for key project tracks.

We play a key role at both strategic and tactical levels at all junctures of the initiative: If you’re considering such a change, call Power House at (800) 449-9904.

Is supporting a diverse customer contact operation requiring more capital, effort and resources than it needs to?

Are contact center costs spiraling out of control with no end in sight as mergers and acquisitions grow?

We can collaborate with you for all aspects of Call Center consolidation and the migration of processes, staff, functions, and technology.

By: Colin Taylor Organizations today look across their customer facing organization and see cluster of call center activities: sales, technical support, customer service, returns, billing, collections etc.

It is important to address staff requirements (phone-based and non-phone-based personnel), and all supporting cost categories, including telecom, real estate, technology and so on.

If you're hiring a staff from scratch, it's necessary to account for hiring and training costs and the extra time required per transaction as new hires come up to speed.

Enterprises need a framework to quantify and evaluate the tradeoffs and benefits.

While the functions they perform might not all reside on a single server, each individual piece should no longer have its own physical hardware that needs to be managed, maintained, and upgraded.

Finally, the desktop applications for both the supervisor/management users as well as the agents should include a reduced number of interfaces.

These call centers can exist in a companies divisions or operating companies.

Even small and medium sized businesses can find that they have five or more call centers in operation all acting independently.