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Advice on dating a pilot

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One of the great technical and poetic achievements of our species, but in the moment itself it is just this simple: I pull up, and we begin to fly.As we lift off, the captain announces "Positive Rate" – we are climbing."Gear up," I reply, and the 18 wheels retract, the doors close over them, as the form of the aircraft is smoothed to its purpose.

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So if you’ve dated enough people with trust and control issues, try dating a pilot.

While talking to Cece on the phone, we hear that she is naked in the back of the cab wearing a big trench coat.

When asked what her stripper name will be, she replies 'Rebecca Johnson', then 'Two Boobs Johnson', and later 'Tiger Boobs'.

Marketers, admin assistants and bartenders are the least fussy. Business Executive (male) and Business Executive (female) 5.

And when it comes to receiving messages from the opposite sex, it seems online daters aim high, with male pilots and female flight attendants receiving the second most messages from interested parties, just behind people that work in advertising. Steve Carter, e Harmony’s Vice President of Matching, said: “As experts in relationship compatibility, we were interested to see which combinations of jobs seemed mutually attractive, versus which ones were most attractive to possible partners in general.